Our history

Nómada is the result of the happenings and experiences of a traveling family. The original idea of “Nómada gatherers of art, concept, and tradition”, was born during a six-month trip and consisted of selling artisan items and decorative furnishings from different parts of the world, an idea that by the chance of fate evolved into a nutritious food restaurant, which today shares space with “Andantes”, our bed and breakfast rentals. However, committed to our origins, Nómada´s cuisine has representative dishes from different countries, mainly from the East, and is very involved with the topic of health. Our dishes are prepared with quality homemade, organic, fresh, and natural ingredients mainly found locally. We started five years ago in La Paz, BCS, where there is currently a Nómada of La Paz and then continued with the opening of our second Nómada in 2017 in El Sargento, merging with Andantes accommodations, a thematic place, which has four casita styles: African, Moroccan, Mexican and Hindu, decorated with furniture, textiles, and items collected and brought by us from our travels to El Sargento from their place of origin.
Nómada El Sargento is an outdoor space where you can connect with nature, enjoy the desert vegetation so characteristic of Baja, and listen to birdsong while enjoying flavors and aromas from distant countries. It is a venture that has been extremely fun, a project that bears our touch and carries our essence, growing hand in hand with diverse trips and varied experiences.
Thanks for joining in the adventure!
Blanca, Asia and Hiram.